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For breakfast I had my usual 12oz bag of steamed green beans and a medium sized russet potato. I also had a cup of Zen tea.

I went off my plan slightly and had an Americano today. I did it because it was something to do while I was waiting. I know. Kinda funny if you really think about the reasons we eat or drink something. It gave me foggy brain like it always does. Back to tea and water for now.

For lunch I had a bowl of my ‘nothing fried about it’ fried rice with extra garlic.

For a pre-workout, I had an apple and a couple of dates.

And for dinner I had a chopped salad consisting of kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cucumber, corn and fresh blue berries. Sooooo yummy. And then I had the last of my ‘nothing fried about it’ fried rice.

My meals were super inexpensive today. I figure my breakfast cost $1.60 and lunch was around $.89. Dinner was probably closer to $3.00. And the apple and dates were probably $1?? That’s just under $7 for the entire day!

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