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This morning for breakfast I had oats and berries. Just a couple of ingredients…oats, water, cinnamon and frozen wild blueberries.

The rest of today’s meal plan is bought to you by Country Clubs, Coffee Shops, Pizzerias and Sushi Bars. I attended a retirement party at the Country Club over the noon hour and struck gold with a fresh fruit salad. I ordered the vegetable plate for my entre, which was steamed seasonal vegetables and rice pilaf. The vegetables were cooked in a small amount of oil. There are worst things. Consistent progress over perfection. I felt so good after lunch. Content, not stuffed. Major accomplishment.

We made a coffee shop run in the afternoon and I had a 20oz Earl Grey tea with steamed soy. After researching the ingredients that are in most plant milks, I have decided to abstain the best I can from plant milk moving forward. After all, the real reason I want plant milk is because I still crave mother’s milk. It’s hard, but I’m weening myself off the milk.

Speaking of weening off milk, I met some girlfriends for happy hour at our favorite Pizzeria. I am obsessed with their Neapolitan style pizza, the craft beer and their stemless wine glasses. Another major accomplishment for the day was ordering their salad sans parmigiana reggiano and house vinaigrette, and adding green olives instead. This is the essence of whole food plant based…eating the whole olive rather than the pressed olive oil Perfecto!

I have been sober 19 days. Wow. I enjoy wine and beer immensely but am giving my body a good break from it. It causes me to over eat, it’s added calories, and it gives me a head ache most morning afters. The break has been nice. I love ordering sparkling water with lime. It’s fizzy, it’s hydrating, and I can drink as many as I want with no hangover. Hallelujah!!

For dinner I ordered in sushi…Edamame without salt, Vegetable Roll and Avocado Roll. Another change I’ve made in the way I eat is to skip the soy sauce. I put a little dab of wasabi on each bite and enjoy my rolls without the added salt.

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