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Breakfast this morning was my usual steamed vegetables and a potato. I go in phases with the kind of vegetables I eat as well as the kind of potato. This week I’m loving mixed vegetables and sweet potatoes.

I am still real low on groceries in the house, but I am getting by. I’ve been saving a lot of money by scraping by. I cooked up some southern style black eyed peas for lunch and had them with corn and hot sauce. I am really into adding hot sauce right now for some extra flavor. I figured this meal cost me less than $2. That’s fantastic! It was hearty and satisfying, it really filled me up. I wasn’t hungry until dinner time.

For dinner I cooked a Russet potato in the oven and had a Potato Bar. That’s what we call it in my family. Bake some potatoes and set an array of toppings out on the counter. Yum!! I made my potato half black eyed peas, half chili and corn. Filling and satisfying.

As I was doing the dishes after dinner, I got a craving for something sweet. I have learned that craving is a conditioned response from having dessert after dinner for so many meals in my life. It comes up from time to time, and I know it came up tonight since I gave into the craving earlier this week with the sweet energy bites in the evening. I helped myself out by taking the raisins out of the house last night. Now I don’t have all the ingredients to make a sweet treat so it isn’t tempting me. I told myself the kitchen is closed and I retreated to the couch to type up this post.

How am I feeling about everything? Happy and free. Those are the two best words to describe it thus far. I am determined. I believe. And I am so looking forward to what this year is going to bring. Consistent action (even small steps) lead to big change over time!



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