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We rode 2.5 hours this morning and followed that up with a 5 mile run. I know, we’re nuts. To fuel my workout, I had a shot of espresso (I know, gasp! Breaking my own rules), some oats with berries, a cinnamon apple rice bar my Coach made (not pictured), a banana and lots of water.

After my workout, I refueled with a big, colorful Buddha Bowl.

In my Buddha Bowl was quinoa, sweet potato fries, black beans, sun dried toms and cucumber.

By dinner time, I was starving! My body worked hard this morning and I could feel it all day. I met some girlfriends for dinner and we had black bean hummus with veggies for an appetizer. I drank soda water with lime. And for dinner I had veggie tacos on corn tortillas with rice. Perfect. And now it is time for bed fo sho!

I feel awesome about my day today. Crazy good workout. Crazy controlled food choices. So happy. Loving it.

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