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This is what happens to the human body after eating whole foods and eliminating SOFAS (sugar, oil, flour, alcohol and salt) for 28 days. I am in shock, and honestly on a bit of an ecstatic high!

If you’re wondering why I wasn’t getting these results before, there is good reason. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “But wait, Kristen is healthy, she’s always posting heathy recipes and eating the healthiest foods, she’s the healthiest person I know!” But then you take a look at what is happening now, and maybe you are scratching your head. You’re right, I am over the top passionate about living the healthiest life you can. I read all the articles, I watch all the documentaries, I’ve made all the recipes, I’ve changed my lifestyle in many many many ways, yet, I was packing on the pounds. Even while training for endurance events like marathons, even an Ironman. I put in hours of training. Why was I still overweight and borderline obese? Why was I so bloated and full all of the time?

The proof is in the foods I was eating, as well as how much I was eating. And those two variables are directly related to one another. I was eating a fair amount of highly addictive foods, and because they were addictive, I ate a lot of them. Uncontrollably. And to the point of feeling sick, to the point of it effecting my sleep, my brain activity, my bank account and my self worth. Because guess what? I might have had an A+ diet during the day, but at night when I was alone, I ate everything in sight. And I didn’t tell a soul.

I mean, how could I tell anyone this secret? I even had a juice company! Like, what was fundamentally wrong with me to know exactly how to live the healthiest life you can, yet be so overweight and only be gaining more and more. I felt like a complete fraud. And I couldn’t stop. Feeling discouraged I couldn’t lose weight, actually made me want to eat and drink more. I was literally sabotaging my body and my health while at the same time completely understanding how to live a healthy lifestyle. To say I was lost and confused is a wild understatement. But once I realized there wasn’t anything wrong with me, things began turning around. Once I realized it was the food in my environment, and it wasn’t me, everything changed.

All I did was completely abstain from every highly addictive food. And then I adopted the diet we were originally designed to eat…food in it’s purest form, in it’s most raw and real state…food found in nature. Food! I separated addictive food-like products from real food, and that made all the difference. I am less bloated, my joints aren’t swollen, I can think straight, my body is becoming lighter, I feel lighter on the inside, my body is digesting food easier, and I have a calm, stable, controlled sense when I’m around food.

My body and food have literally been my enemy since realizing I was one of the big girls in the 6th grade. On that day I weighed 161. I will never forget it. Since then, every single day of my life has been about “trying to lose weight”. Every activity, every conversation, everything has had something to do with with my weight. And the majority of it was happening in my head via cruel conversations I was having with myself.

Something clicked last year. I reached a point where the pain was too much. I reached a point where I would do anything to never feel this pain again. Luckily, I already knew what action to take. It was simply a matter of taking it.

It has been 28 days and I am not stopping. I will discover my body’s natural weight, and I will find out what is possible with my skin disease, as well as my physical endurance and strength. I will move into a brand new body I have never known. And I can’t wait.

This week’s measurements and weight loss were small, yet consistent. That is exactly what I want to see. I am after lasting change and nothing else. This week’s progress photo is all I needed to see. I am discovering just how important taking photos is to success when making a lifestyle change. I see a drastic change and I just really can’t believe my eyes.


Day 28:

Weight: 173.8  |  Chest: 42  |  Waist: 40  |  Hips: 43.5  |  Bicep: 11.5  |  Thigh: 21

Day 21:

Weight: 174.6  |  Chest: 42.25  |  Waist: 40.5  |  Hips: 44  |  Bicep: 11.5  |  Thigh: 21.25

Day 14:

Weight: 176.2  |  Chest: 42  |  Waist: 41.25  |  Hips: 45  |  Bicep: 11.75  |  Thigh: 21

Day 1:

Weight: 180.8  |  Chest: 43.5  |  Waist: 43  |  Hips: 45.5  |  Bicep: 12  |  Thigh: 21.25

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