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Welcome to my Pure Raw Life. It’s Day 21 and I’m checking in with my results.

I am amazed at how much can change in just one week. Consistent change truly adds up over time. This week’s photos and measurements inspire me to keep at this!

I see now why progress photos are so valuable to success. Just yesterday I had a moment where I thought, “Is all this really even worth it? Why am I even doing this. Maybe I should just go along with the way the rest of our country is eating.” Seeing today’s progress and remembering my “why” keep me on this path to fulfillment.

How about some Non Scale Victories this week? I put myself in some sticky situations…aka eating out…and I passed with flying colors! I even met friends at my favorite Pizzeria and swapped pizza and wine for sparkling water and salad.

Some areas I’d like to strive to improve upon this coming week? Eating in more, having more green vegetables, and drinking more water.

Now let’s look at some of my stats:

Over the last 7 days, I released 1.6 pounds and 1.5 inches. And over the last 21 days, I have released 6.2 pounds and 5.75 total inches measuring chest, waist, hips, bicep and thigh.

I literally can only imagine where this will take me if I continue at this rate. And the best part is I am finally beginning to believe that this can happen. That I can discover my body’s natural weight and be free of obesity and all that comes with it, once, and for the rest of time.  I can heal my body and my life.


Day 21:

Weight: 174.6  |  Chest: 42.25  |  Waist: 40.5  |  Hips: 44  |  Bicep: 11.5  |  Thigh: 21.25

Day 14:

Weight: 176.2  |  Chest: 42  |  Waist: 41.25  |  Hips: 45  |  Bicep: 11.75  |  Thigh: 21

Day 1:

Weight: 180.8  |  Chest: 43.5  |  Waist: 43  |  Hips: 45.5  |  Bicep: 12  |  Thigh: 21.25

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