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I really want to Vlog (Video Blog) my Pure Raw Life, but right now I have a creative block and a resistance around creating video content, and I honor that.

Luckily, I also want to Blog!

Welcome to my first Pure Raw Progress post. It’s Day 14 and I’m checking in with my results.

Other than the occasional espresso withdraw symptom…I love love love espresso!!!…I feel fabulous! Actually, I feel free! Because I have chosen 100% abstinance from triggering “foods” like Sugar, Oil, Flour, Alcohol and Salt, I don’t feel restricted. Moderation is what makes me feel restricted. Because, how do I define moderation for myself? Is it different for me than it is for you? Maybe I should go by what my Personal Trainer says? Or the super fit naturally thin girl I follow on Instagram? She eats out a lot and she stays thin. Is moderation considered one donut/week? Espresso on the weekend only? One “cheat meal” a week? But what if I have 3 social events in one week?? “And, it’s for their birthday. I have to celebrate with drinks for their birthday! Ok, this week I’ll allow 2 cheats. I mean, we only live once.”

Correction. We only die once. We live every day. My point is, do you see how much stress is created by the “everything in moderation” situation? Do you see how much energy I spent on what I was going to eat and drink and what I shouldn’t eat and drink? It was exhausting. Deciding I am abstaining opens me up to so much living because I am not in a constant state of stress about food. I know what’s included in my diet: food in it’s purest form. Period. Freedom.

Disclaimer: This isn’t an issue or struggle for everyone. But this has been my experience. And maybe it is yours too. Maybe this resonates with you and we can support each other. I have a lot more to say about brain chemistry as it relates to moderation, and I will share that in a future post. It’s super interesting and it just might be the thing that changes your life like it has for me.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff…my physical progress. Over the last 14 days, I have released 4.6 pounds and 4.25 total inches measuring chest, waist, hips, bicep and thigh. I also have a pretty good idea my percentage of fat to muscle based on a BIA test I had done in August. Fat makes up approximately 40% of my total body weight and that is considered obese. It is true, I have a lot of excess fat on my body…71.8 pounds to be exact. I have basically been carrying around a 10-year. It’s not been easy.

Eating from my unlimited garden of whole, natural foods has been working so far. Things are moving in the right direction and I am feeling a lot less bloated as well!


Day 14:

Weight: 176.2  |  Chest: 42  |  Waist: 41.25  |  Hips: 45  |  Bicep: 11.75  |  Thigh: 21

Day 1:

Weight: 180.8  |  Chest: 43.5  |  Waist: 43  |  Hips: 45.5  |  Bicep: 12  |  Thigh: 21.25

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