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For energy, especially in the morning or before going to the gym, add a drop in each hand and breathe in. Very invigorating! It’s also a miracle for headaches, heartburn and indigestion.


Use for relaxation. Lavender is especially nice at bedtime. This oil is helpful in so many ways. When in doubt, use lavender.


Add a drop of this invigorating oil to hot water with raw honey to help ease a soar throat. Also used as an antiviral household cleaner.


Diffuse at bedtime for respiratory health. You may also apply to palms and breathe deeply. Or, inhale the aroma of the oil directly.


Used historically as a numbing agent, it may assist today in keeping sugar cravings at bay. Add a drop to a small amount of water and swish for 30-45 seconds, then discard.


Wear on your wrist, back of neck, or over the heart area for anxiety and worry. This blend is comforting, encouraging, inspiring and uplifting.