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This New Year’s Day

This New Year’s Day

Welcome to my Pure Raw Life.

This New Years Day I’m creating an environment for myself to live where everything I eat comes directly from the Earth in it’s purest and most raw form possible…whole and unprocessed. Picture an abundant garden in your backyard full of every plant you can imagine! Anything that has been planted and harvested…that’s what I eat. Vegetables (all kinds), Fruits (all kinds), Potatoes (all colors), Whole Grains (quinoa, rice, millet, oats) and Legumes (beans and lentils). If it’s grown in the garden, I eat it! If it isn’t, I don’t.

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Fulfillment begins Now,


Compassion for Imperfect-ness

Compassion for Imperfect-ness

I can feel the season in my body. I can feel the extra-ness. The couple extra bites I’ve had because of the couple extra parties being hosted. The couple extra times eating out because of the couple extra holiday gatherings with friends. And my body feels…denser.
I haven’t moved my body as much either. The daily exercise routine I had is suddenly non-existent. Like, where did it go?? I can feel that my focus has shifted and my energy is being spent on the holiday…on gift buying, on parties, on wrapping, on giving, on celebrating.
As I sit with this, I am remembering this year to, above all, have compassion for myself in my imperfect-ness. And golly, to enjoy this time of year and all it’s magic! To roll with the experiences that arise and to apply my new spin to things, but not bully myself if I get it not quite right. 
I didn’t have vegetables in the house tonight…another priority that’s gotten a bit pushed to the side…but I made due without. It isn’t the end of the world. Restaurants were calling me. They wanted me bad. Bad. Instead, I slowed down, I looked around, and I threw together what I had…sweet potatoes from a friend’s garden, a can of black beans, some corn, and a jar of salsa.
I’m winning at life over here on a Tuesday night before Christmas.
The dinner parties are just beginning. I’m facing two full festive weeks ahead. Every day, every gathering, every meal, every bite, is an opportunity to choose the path that leads to health and freedom from food addiction. But here’s the thing. Every day, every gathering, every meal, every bite, is also an opportunity to show myself love.
I’ve got this one chance at life. I choose fulfillment, joy, and compassion for all living things, and that includes me.
Pure Raw Toothpaste

Pure Raw Toothpaste

I began making my own toothpaste a few years ago because the toothpaste on the shelves often contain sweeteners, fluoride, artificial colors or dyes, synthetic flavors, amongst other chemicals. These added ingredients aren’t necessary.  In fact, after using my own toothpaste for only a few months, my Dental Hygenist commented on how healthy my teeth looked.

You can make your own Pure Raw Toothpaste using just 3 ingredients:

1 cup Baking Soda

1/2 cup Coconut Oil (more or less)

15 drops Peppermint Essential Oil (more or less to taste)


Melt or slightly soften coconut oil. Then mix all ingredients, stirring well. Place mixture in glass jar and let cool completely. To use: Dip toothbrush in jar to grab a small amount on brush. You could also use a small spoon.